Oh Heavenly Sweet Pea!

Where have you been all my life, sweet pea?  I will fervently admit that I have been and continue to be obsessed with the Japanese sweet pea this winter, spring and until it is sadly over (*tear) -- by obsessed, I mean like think and dream of its ruffled petals and smell its intoxicating scent of orange blossom and honey.  I know; it's all very unhealthy.  

Pete shakes his head every time I giddily, and greedily, bring a bunch home.  I planted some hundred or so seeds this weekend and hope that we'll be soon waist deep in sweet pea vines (Pete, of course, shares the same sentiment).  I'm not completely delusional; it's highly unlikely that mine will be anywhere close to the Japanese varieties.  Some may curse me, but I'm keeping my fingers cross for a cool spring and summer.  And if they don't grow well this year, then damnit, next year!