Flower Class -- Yay!

Earlier in March, I signed up for a flower arranging class by Nicolette Owen.  The class was part of a book release for "Bringing Nature Home" which Nicolette collaborated with Ngoc Minh Ngo, both photographer and author of said book.  Haven't had an opportunity to read, but am completely excited:  it's about flowers and stunning photography of flowers; it possibly can't get better in my mind!  Plus, I've been a long admirer of Nicolette's work.  

Here's the book!  I love, love this arrangement -- so inspiring!

Class was today and held in a gorgeous nook at West Elm on the Upper West Side.  Nicolette gave a brief demonstration of her technique which is loose yet still very abundant.  

Pre-class photo
How awesome is this space?  And the flowers!
So many varieties

My station.  The clippers are so cute and vase to add to my collection.
The vase has a nice modern vintage vibe going.

I went quickly to work after Nicolette gave us a demonstration:  how to build a foundation using woody stems, how to add the showy flowers and the gesture flowers.  Her approach is so natural and relaxed.

There were so many flowers at my disposal and color combinations as well:  purples, peaches and yellows, apricots and pinks or apricots and lemon -- I could go on and on.  I decided that since I couldn't decide, I'd find a way to use them all.

Et voila!  Whoever said "less is more" is crazy.