Summer Cutting Garden -- Phase 2

As noted in my last post, Pete and I headed back to Boston to care for our seedlings.  We figured two weeks was enough time to start transplanting into larger soil blocks.  This wasn't so much a hunch on our part, but through Facetime with my plants -- technology can be a wonderful thing.

Here is me contemplating the work ahead of us.  Just kidding.  More like me drinking coffee while Pete snapped away.

Coffee is not the single origin stuff that Pete's gotten me used to, but I'm loving the Starbucks blonde roast.

In my short experience, seeds want to grow and grow fast.  But some seeds can be completely temperamental, such as the sweet peas not liking super moist conditions and thereby got moldy.  Alas, must re-start the sweet peas by sowing directly into the raised beds.

My babies...

Zinnias in the front and sweet peas in the back
Sweet peas of what didn't turn moldy
Assorted sprouts of coleus, gomphrena, scabiosa, poppies and verbena
Dad and I getting the soil ready for block-making
Tray full of blocks ready for the smaller blocks