Bainbridge Island

I had planned to post pictures of some arrangements that I made last week but alas, I rediscovered these old pictures and couldn't help but get sidetracked.  Things never go as planned! 

This arrangement is very special to me for several reasons.  I was on Bainbridge Island in the summer of 2010 and it was the perfect season for wildflowers.  Together with Pete's grandmother (a.k.a. Grandmother), his mom and his sister, we gathered the flowers from the woods nearby.  Never have I've seen six foot tall wild foxgloves and butterfly bushes so heavy with fragrant blossoms (I'm a city girl after all).  Not everything was so bucolic though -- I nearly stepped on a snake!

Grandmother was so knowledgeable about all the flowers.  She showed me how to cut and shouted her support when I was literally "in the weeds" to reach some flowers.  I wanted to do this again with her once back on the East Coast but sadly, Grandmother passed away about 4 months later.  This arrangement is part of my memory of her.  

In hindsight, I love the verticality and looseness of this arrangement.  Somehow, all the colors worked out and the daisies provided a gracious gesture.  It's because of this arrangement that I realized that I needed to make flowers a permanent part of my life.