Summer Cutting Garden -- Phase 4

I know some of my readers have been wondering about the status of the cutting garden.  It's coming together and I've just planted my perennial bed.  I put in 3 clematis vines, 10 scabiosas, 3 icelandic poppies, a few mounds of lady's mantle and 5 small bunches of coral bells.  The remaining beds will be planted on Memorial Day weekend, which I understand is the traditional planting time for this area of Western MA.  I've got enough dahlia tubers for two beds and if the sweet peas show no gusto by then, they are going to be dug up and replaced with annuals.


Few things are more pleasurable than being outside and working on my cutting garden, except for happening upon a small patch of freely growing lilies of the valley.  I've known about this patch for some time, but seldom have been around when the flowers were in bloom -- except for this time!  The lilies haven't reached their peak yet, but their fragrance is really unparalleled to any bottled perfume.  While their glory is fleeting, these lilies are one of the reasons why I love and look forward to spring so much.

you'll have to look closely to find them

the flowers are at their peak once the green buds turn into tiny white bells