woodland terrarium

i posted a picture of my humble woodland terrarium in my last post.  sue wanted to make one and i love anything woodland-themed, particularly one that reminds me of a new england woodland.

what we set out to do was simple, really; something green to keep indoors and something made from the backyard.  we gathered materials from the woods -- princess pine, ground cedar, partridge berries and moss from a fallen log.

princess pine, partridge berries, baby fern and ground cedar

the materials we used were:

- big glass bowl purchased from a yard sale
- leftover rocks saved from a flower arrangement
- potting soil
- foraged materials

and we put everything together in layers:
- first, a layer of rock
- add a layer of soil (not too much)
- add the plants -- place as you wish and press them down into the soil
- add a layer of moss around the plants (tear as necessary to cover the plants; moss should be gathered with some of the tree bark attached to it)
- add some rocks here and there
- mist with water, not too much but just enough to get everything covered
- and cover with lid or plastic wrap after a day (it should be uncovered for a day once every 3-4 weeks or so)