happy new year!

happy new year to my dear readers!  we are heading to japan tomorrow evening for vacation (finally) and will be celebrating 2013 across multiple time zones.  we'll have to stop by the duty-free store before boarding and grab several bottles of bubbly and pop one each time we hit midnight -- kidding.

make sure to check photosbybusyb.blogspot.com on the regular.  i'm going to try to post pics along the way (so long as we have internet access).  we got ourselves a 14 day rail pass and plan to use it EVERYWHERE.  we're hitting up tokyo, osaka, kyoto, nara and ogimachi and there'll be plenty of eating and drinking along the way.  somewhere between all of this, we'll do the touristy bit too, i.e., visiting some UNESCO sites along with seeing Mt. Fuji and the snow monkeys.

my japanese is a bit rusty and i'll be relying heavily on pete's language skills.  i'm still trying to remember how to ask someone to take a picture of me, but every time i try to say it, i end up saying "can i take a picture of you" -- a bit creepy, right?

and this can't be a post about new year's with revealing my own new year's resolution.  clearly, do more flowers and take more pictures and, of course, lose weight.  one year, my resolution was to be more patient, which lasted no longer than 2 weeks.  in order to make this a successful resolution year, i'm going to be flat-out indulgent:  do more international traveling, something that you don't need to twist my arm to do.  see, i'm already starting 2013 on the right foot....

with this, have a safe and happy new year!