rose gold holiday

i feel like a terrible girlfriend.  i somehow managed to close a door on pete's pinky finger and give him food-poisoning...on the same day!  we watched a movie last night and a character said that accidents happen for a reason according to freud.  the poor guy thinks i have it out for him.  i don't.  seriously.

the holiday season is winding down.  i'm grateful that i finished my christmas shopping early this year.  now i just need a way of getting the presents to their recipients -- where's santa when you need him?  aside from presents, i have an arrangement to deliver and then my year will be wrapped up.  onto planning for 2014 weddings and travels abroad….

a friend gave me these lovely blush colored roses, haiku.  and i struggled a bit to make pink look festive (i also struggled with trying to get lady gaga and r.kelly out of my head, but that's a story for another day).  my local whole foods is running a special on poinsettias, something like $6.99 for a six inch pot.  and it seemed cheap enough to clip and add to my flower arrangement (just make sure to sear the cut ends of the poinsettias with a flame or boiling water before adding it to the arrangement).  who doesn't like a little gold for the holidays?

haiku roses, paperwhites, poinsettias, ranunculus and dusty miller