long overdue

it's been a while since i've posted on this blog.  i've been somewhat pre-occupied with non-flower activities between my last post and this one -- travelling, instagram-ing and photo-taking.  if you follow me on instagram and on photos, it will give you some insight on what i was up to.

i'm anxiously awaiting my cafe au lait dahlias to bloom in my garden in western MA. some of my earlier blooming dahlias have gotten they're start, but i dearly wish all the dahlias just upped their flower production.  garden-grown dahlias are the best, and much better than what i get at the flower market.  so until my garden starts putting out, i satisfied my cafe au lait lust with dahlias from the market -- not bad but wish i could have got them fresher.

cafe au lait dahlias, keira garden roses, putamayo carnations, ranunculus, flowering oregano and heather