it's not a summer without dahlias

i'll admit that i was a bit worried about the state of my dahlia beds.  very worried.

but, as everything with gardening, with a little bit of patience (2 weeks' worth) these lovely plants shot up like rockets.  some are taller than me and many loaded with buds which i look forward to harvesting over the coming 6-8 weeks.  i'm still narrowing down the potential factors that i can improve upon next year, but my current theory involves soil temperature and watering.

the garden after the rain (left) and buds of cafe au lait dahlias (right) 
'innocence' dahlia (left) and daddy long leg taking refuge in a giant cafe au lait dahlia (right)
more cafe au lait dahlias and a baby toad (so cute) on the right 
cafe au lait dahlia with touche dahlias
a new favorite that i'm holding in my hand, 'hamilton lillian' dahlia.  love the salmon color

'innocence' dahlia peeking from out (left) 
dahlias are cafe au lait, innocence, chilson's pride and gay princess 
cafe au lait dahlia
giant white dahlia is called yuukyu