black widow

i had a few late nights already (didn't the week just begin?) and about to fade.  i'm trying really hard to keep up with the blog now that instagram has completely dominated how i access social media.

the arrangement from this weekend was loaded with red and wine colored dahlias and wild grapes that i foraged from some brush on the edge of the field.  i'll remember next time to wear boots or whatever because flip flops just does not provide enough foot protection (if something is tickling my feet, i just refuse to look down; yup, things don't exist if i ignore it).  there are some crab apples tucked in there somewhere, but admittedly the grapes were the real showstopper.  i'm calling this one black widow, because it's dark, vamp-y and i'm obsessed with that black widow song.

anyways, dahlias are still blooming strong but we're cutting everything down next weekend.  normally i wait until the frost gets them, but this year, pete and i are going away in early november and there just won't be enough time to get the tubers dug up and put away before then.  so i apologize now if i spam your instagram feed with dahlias.  it will be over soon...until next august....