the last of dahlias

cafe au lait dahlias with blushing bride protea, astilbe, hydrangea and snowberries

we've prematurely ended our dahlia season this past weekend and are a bit sad about it.  it's tough to let the frost get them but feels even worse when we take our shears to some pretty healthy and productive plants.  it's not for nothing.  we're going away at the end of october and the timing of everything dictated that we cut them down when we did.  next weekend we'll be back to dig up the tubers and dry them in the basement for a week to toughen up the skins.  And the weekend after we'll pack them up for winter storage.

this dahlia thing is completely addictive.  we've decided to add another bed to the dahlia patch and perhaps (gasp) grow less cafe au laits.  trust.  i love cafe au laits, but a few of them can produce a ton of blooms (they're perhaps some of the more productive ones) and there are lots of new varieties to try.  one day i'll have a field large enough for a few hundred cafe au laits.